High-end bartop arcade machine bring players a wonderful experience

High-end bartop arcade machine

If you have had a great time in the past with vertical games, then, you can continue your fun with our bartop arcade machine. In the past decades, those classic vertical games have indeed created many happy moments remembered deeply by those players. In order to succeed in providing fun by vertical games, we have been keeping updated our bartop classic arcade game machine in the past twenty years. At the same time, we also focus on updating our game storage to give players different experiences. Now, our new bartop classic arcade game machine can run over 50 kinds of vertical games that includes classic ones and pop ones. In this way, all kinds of needs of those players can be met in our arcade game center.

About the bartop classic arcade machine

The bartop classic arcade machine features like a vertical wardrobe that centers a rectangular screen. The most special part of this machine will be its giant monitor, which can vividly present you small dots and blocks while you are playing such kind of game. At the bottom of the screen, there is a control panel that contains a joystick and four buttons. The four buttons are evenly arranged on the two sides of the joystick so that you can use both of your two hands if you are used to that. Of course, there will be just several types of game will engage in your two hands while most of the game will just need the joystick and two buttons.

The features

  • Arcade monitor: In order to provide our customers with true arcade classic game experience, our company insist on employing the true arcade monitor. Our high-end and military grade arcade monitors are qualified for 24/7 heavy arcade use, which can also provide authentic graphics of the game.
  • The furniture grade cabinet: The whole appearance of our bartop classic arcade machine comes in black wood grain finish, which can add a delightful ambiance to your park or home.
  • Expanded control panel: The control panel of this machine incorporates four duplicate shooting buttons that are evenly distributed aside the joystick. With this design, no matter you are a right-handed player or a left-handed one, you can comfortably manipulate the panel to continue the game. Of course, you will be stopped from using your two hands at the same time to engage in more fun.
  • Commercial four-way arcade quality joystick: The joystick on the panel is made of high-quality material so that it can sustain a huge force power without collapse. Also, it is made in an ergonomic shape, so, you will feel very smooth while you are pulling it around.

As an experienced arcade game machine manufacturer and supplier, we have supplied many amusement parks with our high-quality bartop classic arcade machine. According to the feedbacks, this kind of machine can collect many visitors during its daily working time.

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