A realistic fishing given by Ace Angler Ticket Redemption Game machine

realistic fishing game machine

Many people around us like to go fishing at the weekend, which can help them to enjoy some peaceful time and take a break from intense daily work. While fishing, people sometimes need to sit in silent for a while to catch fish and this will test their patience. If you are able to catch some fishes, you will get a strong sense of achievement from the bottom of your feet. Also, you can bring your trophy back home and make a delicious fish beast for your families. Fishing do bring to people lots of fun in a relaxing environment and so do fishing games. Nowadays, there are all kinds of fishing game arcade machines in those indoor amusement arcades, which can help players to experience fishing fun inside the house. The Ace Angler Ticket Redemption Game Machine is a new kind of fishing game arcade machine that is welcomed by many indoor amusement centers because it can engage players in fishing for a long time.

The Ace Angler Ticket Redemption Game Machine

The Ace Angler Ticket Redemption Game is a kind of fishing simulation video arcade game geared towards fisherman of almost all ages. The game machine features like a square table with four claws settled on its corner. Actually, you will feel like it an octopus lying upside down and it really creates a fishing ambiance with this unique design. This fishing game table totally have 6 fishing rods arranged on its four sides. Two sides separately have two fish rods while other two have only one for each. These six rods have an inner sensory system that will give you a realistic force feedback when you are resetting your fish line. Still, you will feel different force feedback when you are catching different types of fish. In the center of the table, there is a huge HD display Screen that can show those fishermen 70 types of different fish against four unique swimming backgrounds. With so much fish categories, those fishermen need take a fairly long time to get familiar with these fish species. Also, they will need plenty of practices to help them hone their fishing skills.

What can Ace Angler Ticket Redemption Game bring to customers?

First of all, the fishing game will bring to all of us fishing fun and help us to relax, and that is undeniable. Then, as we have mentioned above, this fishing game arcade machine can allow up to six people to play at once because it has six rods separately arranged on its four sides. In this way, you can invite your friends to join a fishing competition to see who will the most skillful fishman. Also, families will also love to share their fun with each other on the ace angler ticket redemption game machine. what’s more, if you achieved a great performance, you will win lots of tickets that can be trade in for gifts on the service counter.

Actually, we have been working on develop new arcade game machine and bring new life to those arcade game centers. The Ace Angler Ticket Redemption game machine make us proud of being a successful equipment supplier.

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