open an arcade game center

We are here to help those freshmen to newly-wed to open an arcade game center

Have you dream of launching an arcade game business with cutting edge technology? Our company officially start our arcade game business in 1990. Since that time, we have been doing all kinds of research to make out new arcade game machine. Due to our advanced techniques, we also managed to produce high-quality products that can run smoothly for years. We have established good partnerships with thousands of indoor play centers so far. They are all convinced by our high-quality products and our turn-key solution. The turn-key solution provided by us is considered the most thoughtful for your business.

Turn-key playground solution

It usually requires many efforts to manage a well organization and construction for an arcade game center. Let’s suppose you are a park owner, then, you will have lots of things to care about and have to give your business a full supervision at any time. In that case, you will have much fewer time available for making service design and planning for your amusement site. That is why we pushed out our turn-key solution to help you solve all those insignificant works. Our service will cover from game selection to final installation. Though you have to pay lots of money at one time for a turn-key solution, it actually saves you lots of money, as well as time from a long term.

Various kinds of game machine

Air hockey, alley bowlers, basketball machines, boxing arcade machine, crane machines, dancing machines, sports machines and many other arcade machines are all available. You will never be put to an awkward position where you have difficulty in choosing proper machine types for your themed play area.

Free arcade games

Generally, we will pack up some arcade games together with those arcade game machines you have paid for. So, you won’t need to take any more time to find some fun arcade games to start the machines. For example, those simple games like 12 minibattles, jet rush, fireboy and watergirl in the forest temple, and color tunnel can help build a simple type of arcade game center.

One-year warranty

Generally, you can get one-year warranty for every piece of arcade game machine. Normally, all of our machines can run for years without a big maintenance. But we still offer a warranty to ensure you won’t have too much issues to deal with at the first year. Within our warranty, you can enjoy our one-year free warranty in case of quality variables.

It takes courage to start your business of an arcade game center and it also takes time to deal with all kinds of troubles at the first year. Our turn-key solution is the exact way to help you start. Following that, our one-year warranty will help you solve your problems at the first harsh year. So, you can entirely give your trust to us and we will never let you down!